Flying Under the Radar


Flying Under the Radar

After leaving a national organization to focus on animal cruelty in Texas, Monica and I have spent the last two years working on local animal cruelty cases and laying the groundwork to launch Animal Investigation and Response (AIR), a 501(c)(3) animal protection organization. The outpouring of support and encouragement has been amazing, and we would like to thank some of the people who have helped us along the way.

The creative team at RBMM, especially, Steve, Jessica, Carolina, and Angie, worked with us every step of the way to get our logo, branding, and website created.  

Bil, Phil, and Bowie of C-47 Productions created the video to help introduce AIR to the universe. 

Our supporters and volunteers have come out and worked tirelessly on the recent cases we have handled. 

Legacy Humane Society recognized our work and presented AIR with the Justice Award.

Our board of directors has believed in us and our mission.

Our family and friends have always lifted us up when we felt the task seemed too great.  

The road has been long to get us to this point, but the journey has just begun. We are excited to focus our efforts full-time on helping communities, law enforcement, and individuals with our knowledge and tenacity in building strong cases against animal abusers. We look forward to serving the people and the animals that need our help. Thank you!

– Paige

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— Eric Roth